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بلوک زیر شیری (اتصال از پایین) تیپ HD4A (جدید)



1.       Internal pilot type 5/2, 5/3 way air control valve, big air flow.

2.       Spool type design, excellent sealing performance, rapid reaction, compact size, lighter weight, easy repairing.

3.       Three kinds for function of mid position of 5/3 way air control valve.

4.       Special surface finishing in inner surface. Low friction, low pressure starting, durable (>30,000,000 cycles)

5.       A, B, R, P, S ports are all located on one side of manifold, all ports are all located on manifold, P, R, S ports on the end of manifold, A, B ports on the same sides of manifold.

6.       Multi mounting position, easy to fix. Manifold is available to systemize valve controlling method.


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