HFY&HFZ Gripper Cylinders (New)


1、Using a single piston structure, large gripping torgue;

2、Integrated with variable flow valve, it is easy and convenient to adjust the speed of opening and closing of gripping jaw;

3、Reasonable gripping angle, wide range of actual use;

4、Precise positioning accuracy, it is more accurate and reliable when gripping work-piece;

5、Various types of installation, it is convenient for the use in different occasions;

6、All series are attached with magnet, so that it is easy to control.

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1、Integrated design of linear guide rail, high rigidity and  high precision.

2、A positioning pin is attached to the bottom of the linear guide rail, which can prevent the deviation of the positioning rail and body.

3、The hole of the body is deeper, which can improve the precision and the consistency of repeated dismounting and positioning.

4、According to the actual using requirements of customers,the initial position of clamping jaw can be custornized to meet the different needs under different working  conditions.

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