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History of AirTAC Company

In 1989, all the pneumatic components in Taiwan were imported from Japan.

Due to this reason, the price is very high and the delivery time usually takes a long time for the customers to wait. So lots of machinery markers decide not to use so many pneumatic components in their machinery. At this moment, the industry grows very quickly in Taiwan and lots of people invest in assembling or making machinery. The pneumatic components' demand is getting higher and higher. So AirTAC devoted itself into developing the pneumatic equipment. Because AirTAc made product has a very similar quality to Japan's but its price is about 50% off.

After introducing the AirTAC products in to the market, most customers could accept its quality and competitive price. With such low cost pneumatic components, most machinery makers decide to use lots if them in their machinery. The market demand of pneumatic components has also increased a lot. For the machinery makers, they improve their machinery quality and more automatic. In the international market, their machinery has more competitive price.

AirTAC was established in Taiwan in 1989, as a pioneer producing pneumatic valves, including air valves and solenoid valves in the beginning of the business. Since 1992, AirTAC had expanded its business in to other line in pneumatic business, which included all kind of pneumatic cylinder and F.R.L. to fulfill customer requirement.

In the year 92-94, AirTAC had completed certain range of 2/2 way valves, F.R.L. units, slim cylinders, and tie-rod cylinders. In following years, due to the rise of semi-conductor industry and the market demands more space saving products to perform precision jobs. AirTAC had developed its range in twin-rod cylinders; slide unit, compact cylinders, rotary cylinders, and air chuck. Also, AirTAC started its pneumatic accessories production of fitting, coupling, and hoses to complete its range.

In order to provide all AirTAC customers in Taiwan the best service, AirTAC combined its manufacture line and stock warehouse. All the products could go to its direct customers within a single day. For the customers in the middle and south Taiwan, AirTAC decided to build its sales department in these two areas and keep enough stock for their urgent demand.

In 1997, the china market was exactly the same as the Taiwan market before. AirTAC use its same experience to deal this market and soon could meet most customers' demand and become a very famous in China.

In 1998, AirTAC introduced its products to the China market. With its acceptable quality & most competitive price, AirTAC easily played a very important role in the pneumatic market. Based on providing all the customers its best service, AirTAC build its sales network in the whole China. For the south-Eastern Asia, AirTAC build its sale office in 1998 in Malaysia. In year 2000, the Thailand sales office has also been built. Now AirTAC has built it sales network in south-Eastern Asia.

As the leading manufacturer of Taiwan pneumatic market, we keep offering our best efforts every single day in order to offer the most preferable quality products. And of course, we continue promoting our range in pneumatic field and giving our best service as before.