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Analysis of Iran Pneumatic Market

At this moment, Iran is going to be developed. Lots of industries need to use lots of machinery so there are huge of machinery makers are coming in Iran. For these machinery makers, to build a good quality, more automatic and lower cost machinery become their target. Choosing a good quality and lower cost parts become a very important issue to them. In the past, they could only choose the Europe made components with a very high price. Now they have more choices.

We do believe though AirTAC's success experience in Asia, we could give all the machinery makers in Iran a whole new choice and help them to build high quality but more competitive machinery.

The pneumatic component is a very important part for making a machine.

Once the machinery makes decide to use it, they will need this component every month. So the continuous supply is very important for all the customers. For this point, AirTAC thinks that the best way to provide all the customers best service and enough stock is to build its own branch office in Iran employing native manpower & their abilities. Through it is a branch office; all the customers will get the quality guaranteed and most competitive price products.

Mr. Madjid Nekooandam Motlaq (Mr. Motlaq) the appointed General Manager of AirTAC branch office in Iran will be in charge of all the operations of the office employing Iranian experts and labors to accomplish our mutual tasks & contributing to the employment demand of the Iranian society demonstrating AirTAC's sense of sincerity & companionship.

The pneumatic component is playing a very important role in making a machine. The low cost pneumatic components encourage all the machinery makers to use lots of them in their machinery to make all the machinery more automatic and higher technology.

AirTAC do believe through its branch office, all the customers in Iran could get the most competitive price products & best service provided by trained Iranian staff & under our constant technical supervision and support. Then the customers are able to improve their machinery quality and give all the machinery more functionality. Also the machinery will have more competitive price in the international market. AirTAC will definitely build a mutual benefit for itself and all the customers.